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    Since its foundation, Asa Dental has been focused on exploring the possibilities offered by internationalization. For this reason, it has expanded to other markets and provided each country with the products and services best suitable to reliably meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. All this is possible thanks to a sales network covering 170 countries worldwide.
    Asa Dental has been designing and manufacturing dental instruments for over 50 years with a simple but very special idea in mind: MAKE PEOPLE SMILE. Asa Dental interprets the true spirit of Italian style in a genuine and modern way by combining flawless design with production efficiency.

    StyleItaliano, founded in 2008 by Prof. Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto, is a rapidly and steadily growing community of professionals in the field of dentistry whose mission is to contribute to improving dental practices by making them simpler and more predictive.
    StyleItaliano publishes articles and videos to explain how the techniques shared by the community are suitable to be used, taught and repeated and organizes seminars to enhance dentists’ technical operational skills.